1/2 oz. Bass Size - Head Shots

Bait fish don't swim backwards so predators instinctively target their prey's head as a more efficient feeding strategy. The Head Shot gives the predator a distinct target triggering more strikes. The  bait's head is 1 1/2" in length and made of solid plastic. The full bait weighs 1/2 of an ounce. It comes with a 4/0 single hook that may be replaced with a 2/0 treble if fishing open water.  The blade is a #5 and the stainless steel wire shaft is .040 ".

The rotating blades create a low-pressure vortex that originates at the point of contact with the central axis (post) of the bait. As the bait moves forward the low-pressure area will move above the central axis in a speed-dependent manner due to the surrounding water pressure The Head Shot head is freely rotating around the post this allows the head to be "sucked" into an upright position. Since the low-pressure area is inconsistent in nature the head will wobble from side to side adding to the appearance of a struggling bait fish.

The in-line rotating blade and unique upright weighted single hook set up allows the Head Shot to be fished effectively through both weeds and wood as the hook will rotate up and away from hard objects. The upright single hook allows you to put this bait places an in-line spinner has never gone before.

The Head Shots do attract a lot of attention from fish with teeth so we have wire tied the skirt onto a stainless steel skirt body making them super tough.

The heads are designed by Doug Richardson and molded in our shop. They are also air brushed and hand detailed in-house. The clear coated is the same resin that we use on our muskie baits protecting the bait with a glass hard  finish.

The Head Shot design was selected by Gord Pyzer as the best lure component in the article “Top 25 new baits of 2018” in the in the fishing special edition of 

 Outdoor Canada. February 2018.

The Head Shot gives you a presentation that the big ones haven't seen before this along with the baits unique triggering factors will give you the edge on pressured waters.

Our current production of this collection is limited to 100 baits per week. We do our best to complete each order as soon as possible. We will contact you if fulfillment of your order will be greater than 7 days.