4 1/4" Waggerbait Collection


It may seem like bass are getting smarter but really what is happening is that on our pressured waters they are becoming conditioned to the lures we are throwing. Sure the popular lures still catch fish but not the numbers that they use to and not the size that they use to. Fish are reluctant to strike on lures they are seeing way too often or perhaps have even been caught on before. The big girls just aren’t going to fall for the same trick over and over again. So if you are out for fun looking for lunkers or need a kicker to anchor your bag you need to throw something the big ones haven’t learned to avoid. Tie on a Waggerbait and hold on.

The 3/8 ounce bass Waggerbait , a patent pending design, adds noise and a heavy pulsing vibration to the swim jig presentation. 

The tail of the Waggerbait is weighted at the back end. This is the area of greatest centripetal acceleration during the oscillation of the tail when being retrieved. By weighting the tail there it maximizes the production of kinetic energy. The tail rides directly on the round of the hook shank. It is this co-operative engagement between the hook and the rigid tail that results in the transfer of energy to the jig portion of the bait. The energy transfer results in the creation of noise by two methods,  the direct contact of the stainless steel eye loop of the tail on the wire of the hook shank ( like plucking a guitar string ) and the hesitation in the forward movement of the jig which activates the rattle attached to the hook shank just behind the skirt. This results in a unique sound and vibration pattern that triggers big bass.

The Waggerbait gets a lot of attention from fish with teeth so the skirts are wired tied to increase durability. The tail is attached with a stainless steel wire loop that will not rip off. This saves you time on the water and money by not replacing a plastic trailer every other fish.

The tail of the Waggerbait was designed  by Doug Richardson. It is molded of a solid plastic, painted and hand detailed in-house at The Ugly Pike Bait Co. The colors have been selected to give the angler a good choice to deal with a variety of forage bases and water color situations. The tails are clear coated with the same resin that we use on our muskie baits protecting them with a glass hard finish.

The Waggerbait can be swam in open water like a crankbait ( burn it for smallies), It is also a very effective grass bait and has proven itself to be a great bait used in tandem with the vibrating jig presentation. The two baits fish similarly but have different sounds and will trigger bass the other has missed.

The Waggerbait give you a presentation that the big ones haven't seen or heard before this along with the unique finishes will give you the edge on pressured waters.

Our current production of this collection is limited to 100 baits per week. We do our best to complete each order as soon as possible. We will contact you if fulfillment of your order will be greater than 7 days.